Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Agnes Intermedia Collective is a diverse, collaborative platform of international artists, educators, students, and professionals. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we aspire to create interdisciplinary art that transcends borders and evokes thoughtful reflection, dialogue, and action.

Current initiatives and projects derive from partnerships in the areas of publishing, music, and film:

Agnes Intermedia Press
Agnes Intermedia Press is a modern, independent publishing company, creating next-generation classics for an evolved sensibility. Projects embrace both print and digital media—incorporating books, apps, websites/blogs, games, and other inventive formats and products. Through its international network, Agnes Intermedia Press publishes to a worldwide market, focusing on the development of original content for both children and adults that emphasizes intercultural awareness and leadership.

Agnes Music
Specializing in multimedia soundtracks and the discovery of new and/or obscure music from the United States and abroad, Agnes Music also concentrates on the re-discovery of legacy artists and genres. Part music label and part publishing company, Agnes Music offers an intriguing and engaging mix of music, writing, art, and merchandise.

Agnes Films
Agnes Films strives to make films and videos that explore and document the overlooked, forgotten stories from our planet’s private lives, public spaces, and the social issues that divide and unite us.





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